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Tassie….the much maligned bit of rock hanging off the bottom of Australia. “It’s too cold! It never stops raining! Why would you go there! Proof that Victorians can swim! Only place where it’s legal to marry your sister…or your mum but not your brother?” Just some of the snide comments I received from my fraternity of mates upon announcing where I was going for the Board Meeting.Map of Tassie

I had however heard otherwise from my sister who toured there on her Honeymoon. Admittedly she did so with my mother so perhaps she felt some of the Tassie vibe however I digress.

Originally when I suggested a 4 day tour to my travelling companion I suggested that they download a ‘Map of Tassie’ so we could plan the trip! This is what popped up……

Map of Tassie II

Poor Taswegians are always the brunt of the joke. Especially considering the place is so spectacular. Here I am enjoying a private sunset at Coles Bay….and by private I mean we were the only ones there!

photo 32

Now admittedly I got some pretty awesome weather and my boss loaned me his Audi with 20 000km on the clock which he purchased for Targa Tasmania but Tassie offers up a spectacular scene every bend you cruise into.photo 64

I pity the poor Tasmanian who does not have a vista explode into sight as they open their front door. We started at Port Arthur convict settlement. Poor bloody crims who had these surrounds.

photo 17 photo 45 photo 41 photo 71 photo 22 photo 27

We hit out to Coles Bay via a few wineries and more of this.photo 33

Hiked to Wineglass Bay for a dip in the morningphoto 2

Then headed up the Coast to the Bay of FiresBay of Fires

What a place!! Even the inland towns are spectacular. I highly recommend a trip to Tassie as it seems to have everything that New Zealand offers without the distance to drive and with less of those damn Kiwi’s!

Oh and I almost forgot to mention that I had a rough day after the Board Meeting with Robbie Pennicott on his Seafood extravaganza Wilderness Tour up the Derwent.Robbie Pennicott

Tough Gig being delivered live Crays, Fresh Oysters plucked from the sea in front of you, Sea Urchins? Abalone and Mussels. Killer little trip if you have a spare couple of hundred and a day to drift about.

photo 80 photo 10

Now I did go for a swim in my jocks that day however the water was so cold that the pictures are too small to post ……. if you get my drift! Just do it guys, you won’t regret it!