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My mates and I always referred to Race Day at the track as ‘The day the Spaceship Landed’. Reason being that we were convinced that there was not this many beautiful women in the whole of Perth as there was on Race Day at the track….so clearly a Spaceship bought them all to town and then gathered them up at the end of the day and whipped them off back to a parallel universe!

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Well it appears that the same Spaceship visits Darwin on Melbourne Cup every year and it’s not limited just to the track….they drop them at my office in Raine & Horne Darwin as well!

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Not to be denied the guys have a crack also however their idea of fashion is at times somewhat skewed and at others just obtuse.

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But apparently in this crowd it’s Obtuse that wins the prize….well for the guys anyway because Emily just looks beautiful.

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In saying that the barman is always far more attractive the later the day gets.


The race was a cracker this year and in the same vein as the actual Melbourne Cup it was won by a female jockey. Some of the Male riders just lost their way and had way better things to do.

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Cracking good day with good fun had by most…..if not ALL!