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Well it is official! Melbourne Cup 2014 is over! I figure that the event is finished when I finally recover and it was only this morning that I started to feel anywhere near 90% of my former self…..What a Day!IMG_1728When I first arrived in Darwin from Perth some 6 years ago I was astounded to discover the Melbourne Cup was not a day of massive celebration like it was in my old home town. So naturally I thought that I best rectify that! So we declare a Public Holiday in my office and recreate the events of the day. Now we are quite a way from the track so we have to run a race.IMG_1843And we have to have a fashion paradeIMG_1940 IMG_1974IMG_2031And there has to be beautiful women in pretty dresses with hats….IMG_1797IMG_1722IMG_2065IMG_1739IMG_1770IMG_2090IMG_2089IMG_1873IMG_2060And then there is food and alcohol……IMG_1735And when that happens in unison the guys start hanging about….IMG_2094IMG_1744Then all of a sudden more guys start hanging about so they are outnumbering the girls…..IMG_1728IMG_1781And then the girls get nervous and move away from the guys because they feel safer in packs….IMG_2125IMG_2112IMG_2069IMG_1783Then you end up with two guys like this whispering things like ‘I love you man’ and that is where it all goes wrong as you finally get out of the office after twelve hours straight drinking!IMG_2100

And that is why I love Melbourne Cup….not a massive fan of the day after….but I love Melbourne Cup! Was there a horse race on?