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For those of you out there living the bachelor lifestyle this is not a phrase that you would be ever likely to utter “Too Many Women” however I have to temper this heading with some explanation. I was just about to embark upon the Raine & Horne Darwin AWESOME Conference 2014 in Bali with 20 women (Most in the 20 – 30 age demographic) and only 3 other blokes. Now you get what I am talking about….or perhaps you don’t so read on.IMG_6125We set out from Darwin on a quick trip to Bali….all goes well! Then a not so quick trip through Customs ‘Where do we go now?’ ‘I need to go to the toilet’ ‘I don’t have enough money for the entry tax’ ‘What pass do I need to show them?’ ‘Can I just take a selfie?’….then we get on the bus ‘I need to go to the toilet’ ‘Are we there yet’ ‘I’m tired’ ‘I want to sit next to Shannon’ ‘Why does she get to sit next to Shannon’ ‘I can’t find my room’ ‘I don’t want to stay in my room as someone might break in’…. Can someone just get me a beer for gods sake!

IMG_3299 IMG_3271 IMG_3270OK….so we make it to bed and yes we are all smiling! Fortunately we had 2 great speakers who kicked butt with their presentations….no fuss just great presentations….they were blokes so all good.

Then we had the Cocktail making competition which all went well as they were serving alcohol… Until Trishy became the taste tester for the Cosmopolitan concoctions! She was seen to test a few right to the bottom! So after we rescued her from the pool a few times during happy hour we adjourned to the Gala Dinner where more grog was served.IMG_3282 IMG_3298photo 1 photo 3 (2)Set on the side of the pool we managed to avoid any drownings? I have no idea how! The band cranked all night….so much so that we received complaints from the other occupants of the Hotel. Fortunately Sally and Tim were performing a duet at the time with Ray reacquainting himself with the drums after 30 plus years so we ignored those requests and ploughed on.

Day 2 sprang upon us and we all leapt out of bed. Well some rolled. Lenny was heard to utter that my estimation of his fitness at 23% was a gross over exaggeration and that he may have been the victim of a bad prawn….at least he was there.

The Amazing Race commenced through the rural regions of the Island of Bali. There was great competition from the 5 Teams.

Team Brown caught more fish than any other team in the Fish Farm Challenge! Team Green completed the Amazing Race faster than any team had ever achieved previously! Team Orange (I forget what their actual colour was) created a better scarecrow and planted more rice than the locals! Team Blue won the first ever game of Badminton in the history of the Amazing Race!

And Team Burgundy did absolutely nothing better than anyone except complain that their colour was not actually Red so they were adjudicated the winner since the organiser clearly felt sorry for their lack of ability? Anyways…..

Everyone then adjourned to the pool, beach, restaurants, bars, shopping….whilst Mark and I went and had a business meeting with one of our Darwin developers….It’s good to be the Boss….The End!

photo T IMG_4311