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Well I have been waiting to be invited to one of these for years! It just sounds so decadent! This one was a themed set in the 30’s Gatsby era…..and it lived up to all the expectations I had for an event of this Title

.Gatsby-jazz 4

This one was a 60th birthday….however I can assure you that the birthday boy is anything but a typical 60 year old! The fact that my present to him was a ‘home made ‘Energiser Bunny’ should be an indication of his character. He is off overseas in the next week or so to represent Australia in the World Dragon Boat Championships…..enough said!Energiser Bunny 2 Energiser Bunny

So I set about getting ready for this event by taking a selfie (Cause Gatsby had an I Phone?) in my cupboard…..where else would you take it?


Thinking that it was polite I arrived 10 minutes late…..to find that we were the first through the door and that the host was still upstairs getting prepped. So that gave me some time to have a look about the place and believe me it is some place he has. Now I know where the hell all my Accounting fees are going! Not bad when you have your own jetty I reckon.

 Gatsby-jazz 6

In typical fashion before I had even finished my first beer I had it tipped over me and the night was started! In rocked all sorts of shady looking characters in true gangster style. There were slappers….I mean flappers all over the place and the alcohol soon lubricated conversations so that one felt they were transported into an era of prohibition and the decadence I had expected from the outset.

Gatsby-jazz 8 Gatsby-jazz 9

The who’s who of Darwin were there…..and me too!

Gatsby-jazz 10 Gatsby-jazz 11 Gatsby-jazz 12 Gatsby-jazz 13 Gatsby-jazz 14 Gatsby-jazz 24 Gatsby-jazz 23 Gatsby-jazz 7

Yeah I like to hug everyone….it looks like I am important? Then the speeches started and we were introduced to Mal’s family. Turns out he is a rabbit! Have a look at the No of offspring! Go Boy!!

Gatsby-jazz 16

The guy with the beard at the end entertained us with a conspiracy theory like no other that I have ever heard and I can only imagine that the clean living traits which Mal has lived throughout his life were not necessarily inheritted by all his kids? What year did LSD come into fashion? Anyways they got him a great gift…..a paddle board!Gatsby-jazz 17

All I could think was ‘What the hell would you want one of them for?’ However Mal clearly lives by the motto ‘Carpe Diem’ and proceeded to kick off his shoes and do a lap of the marina immediately. Which is a good thing that the water police were not on patrol as he would have knocked their breathaliser out of action for a month!Gatsby-jazz 19 Gatsby-jazz 18

He returned from his paddle without a drop on him and I declared ‘Right! That’s it! I’ve seen enough!’

So I had another 12 Carona’s and went home….The End