You may recall our ‘Man of the Finals’, Aidan Holt from my last post about the ‘Super League Grand Final. Well he is back! This time he was dominating the Under 13 Rugby Union Grand Finals in Darwin.IMG_0685

Well dominating may be a tad strong word however let me paint the scene.

In preparation for this event I had wandered over to grab a beer with my mates when I was lured by the wonderful smells coming from the food cart….what better place to site a food cart than next to the toilet block….they are a hardy crowd the Union Mob.

Bucket of chips in hand and two juicy chicken tenders, cooked three days earlier, wedged next to my ice cold Superdry can I wandered into the Grandstands to join the supporters. A cacophony of sound affronted me upon my arrival….mainly laughter for this guys shorts!IMG_0701

Clearly Union supporters have a sense of humour and no sense of fashion. That aside the masses were excited.IMG_0697 IMG_0700

So excited that the lady next to me who was drinking wine out of a plastic Fanta cup wet her pants….she claims she may have spilt her wine however from such a robust drinking vestibule I find that hard to believe….I digress!IMG_0734

The thing that first struck me when I cast my eyes toward the field was the size of some of these kids! I immediately asked the guy next to me whether this was actually not an age competition but based on the year of attendance at school because that would explain why some of them were six foot! Clearly they had been kept down a few years cause they were thick?

I was assured by him that all Union players were thick so that should make no difference as he sang a murderous comment toward the Ref! I thanked him for his advice and chewed into a chicken ‘tender’!IMG_0733

It was a hard fought first half with our Heroes team struggling against a side that had clearly stacked their team with ‘ring ins’ that no-one had ever seen before……I suggested this to the gentleman beside me and asked if that was fair? He suggested that I could combine ‘sex and travel’ but not quite as politely as that….so as it was half time I went in search of another beer.IMG_0716

The second half commenced and we could tell that our Heroes team was in great trouble when their best player who was a real terrier in the first half was removed from the field and needed hospital attention. Seen here with his Trainer.IMG_0707 IMG_0708

I think he did and ACL? Anyways back to the action! Our guys just wouldn’t give up….despite being clearly outgunned and four tries down at one stage they launched a massive comeback with only minutes to go when their leading player, who had completed puberty some 5 years previously, ran the length of the field and scored his 5th Try with no right boot. This damn kid could run! Reminded me of the time that I almost got in that fight if I wasn’t quite as quick over the first 50m!IMG_0737

Woooooweeee! It was ‘Game On’ I screamed….The guy next to me muttered something to his husband….I mean wife….Freudian slip! I knew it wasn’t good however I didn’t care for my own safety by this stage…..I was in the Zone! Then in a second it was all snuffed out as the ‘Yellow Maggot’ (The Ref) handed down a dubious call, imparted himself on the game and the Baddies got a try! Here is the picture I took as the guy next to me offered his words of encouragement in my left ear….I was somehwat unbalanced!IMG_0719

I think he was too… I went home! Bad Luck Aidan! The End!