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Well not quite! However it was the Grand Final for the ‘Touch for Heart’ Corporate Touch Rugby Series in Darwin……and the Raine & ‘Hornets’ were in it!IMG_0649Following what can only be described as a gruelling 8 week Qualifying series the Raine & Hornets found themselves atop the ladder!IMG_0654Admittedly this was more by good luck than good management. The team had been ‘stacked’ with professionals???? 6 of which had never seen a rugby ball before let alone played touch rugby!IMG_0659Checkout that ‘lookaway’ pass! I’m pretty sure what he was looking at?

There may have been a couple of fortuitous results….there was that time that we lost 3-2 only to find that the ref scored it 3-2 our way!IMG_0671Then there was that 5-1 loss that we had only to find out that the other team had actually forfeited as they didn’t have enough players.IMG_0666Then there was the highly publicized ‘Top of the Table’ clash where we had 2 players turn up and the other team that had been blitzing all others only had 1 so they had to forfeit! Anyways….we found ourselves undefeated in the Grand Final.IMG_0656So here are your hapless heroes….cast against the World Beaters….never lost a game until the ‘unlucky’ forfeit and it’s on!

Enter the hero….unlikely at that….our 12 year old winger Aiden Holt who simply could not be contained. When he wasn’t defending 2 people on the wing by himself (as I had passed out through exhaustion) he was finding himself on the end of a pass and diving over the line to score.IMG_0655With 20 seconds to go from full-time he launched a game saving lunge to stop a try and leave the scores tied up at 3-3 at full-time. The teams shook hands, Cameron McDonnell breathed a sigh of relief and said ‘thank god that’s over’ as I personally collapsed on the ground. Then the stupid ref came over and told us there had to be a winner….so we are going to ‘Golden Goal’.

Within the first roller I fumbled the ball and we were defending on our line immediately. Somehow Aiden stepped up and kept them out.

Then Cam decided he would throw a pass at something above slow and I dropped that! So he abused me and I him.

Aiden kept them out once more….Elvis took a phone call on the sideline….clearly recovering from concussion of the week before and Michael went in search of a drink as he was parched. The game went on.

Stories got free in an attacking move and lunged toward the wing. Aiden was open….the pass came out….from nowhere I dived in front of the 12-year-old, stole the ball and dived over the line for the winning try! Yeah I know….not very sportsmanlike however I was delerious…..AND WE WON!

4-3 in extra time…..All hail the Hornets!IMG_0678The big guys in the photo are actually Rugby players….Canberra Raiders or something? But we are the heroes right!