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Saving the World…..One Steak Sandwich at a Time!photo 3This was the challenge that confronted our Darwin Cricket Club Superhero’s (Volunteers) when they arrived at the Darwin Showgrounds on the weekend to be confronted by the hungry hordes.

It is hard to believe that anything could be more attractive to a show goer than a ‘Dagwood Dog’!DagwoodHowever clearly some people like to avoid a ‘Heart Attack on a Stick’! Seriously, Who the hell decided they would be a good idea? Just add a quick spin on the ‘Chundertron’ and I think you know what happened to this kid! Anyways…..back to our superhero’s…..no not ‘Ampersand Man’R&H Awards 2014 (202)Our Superhero volunteers who were slaving tirelessly over a hot plate serving up a culinary experience only available in the Northern Territory.photo 1The fire blanket was not required! Is this your image of a Steak Sandwich?steak-sandwichMine Too! I’m salivating just looking at it…..well I can tell you that this looks nothing like the crap we served up for general consumption at $7 a pop! It is literally a slice of Scotch Fillet cut to about 0.8mm with a bandsaw and then slapped between 2 pieces of untoasted bread….just normal packaged bread….well not that normal….it’s plain brand!photo 2Now there were times when we were not exactly flat out…..however I can tell you that we sold about 400 sandwiches in our 4 hour shift! When I got to Darwin 5 years ago I couldn’t believe what passed as a steak sandwich up here….however I can report that on the weekend I ate 4 of them and they were bloody beautiful!!! Welcome to the NT Masterchef!