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Oh Yeah! We are back by popular demand! Only this time it was by popular ‘Remand’! Did you see what I did there? Clever huh?IMG_0576The site for this years celebration was the old Fanny Bay Gaol which opened in 1883….the same year that Raine & Horne started operation! The coincidences don’t stop there…..the last execution by hanging in 1952 was of a couple of guys who murdered a taxi driver with the surname ‘Grantham’. General Manager of Raine & Horne Darwin, Glenn Grantham introduced the evening and noted that it may be nice if the same outcome did not befall him. No one laughed and several people gritted their teeth…..good sign….not sure….he ploughed on.IMG_0581He had wisely taken the precaution of bringing his mother as his date on the evening rather than opening himself up to all sorts of danger from his protector/tormentor, Ilyse Elphick (Assistant General Manager) who operates much the same as ‘Tinkerbell’ however has an attitude. Through fear or observation he noted that ‘Without her constant guidance it is certain that he would have irrevocable sullied the reputation of the Company’ with his antics….this seemed to keep her placated.IMG_0563Mark McClelland led the evening through it’s twists and turns with aplomb. Despite requiring assistance from ‘Ampersand Man’ with tissue relief when he took the Award for No 1 Salesperson for the Year!R&H Awards 2014 (285)One of the Major Sponsors, Leon Loganathan, really appreciated the lack of lighting at the venue…..commenting that had he not worn a white shirt that no-one would have seen him! Which is surprising as he is normally not all that funny!R&H Awards 2014 (240)There were Awards winners…..you betcha…..there were the Quarterly Award Winners…..with Ampersand Man!R&H Awards 2014 (187)There were the ‘Chairmans Club’ Winners….with Ampersand Man!R&H Awards 2014 (236)And then there were the Annual Award Winners…..with Ampersand Man! Mark McClelland, Byron Wauchope and Lenny Holt…..1,2,3 Sales! The good looking bird is Cecelia Quek of Major Sponsor NT News….the other one is Leon.R&H Awards 2014 (296)

That damn Superhero gets everywhere!

And then there was Annual Award winner for Property Manager of the year…..Olivia Moiler. Seen here with CEO of Raine & Horne Angus Raine.R&H Awards 2014 (309)And then lastly but far from least Annual Award Winner for Clerical Support Person of the Year…..Evdokia Nistazos….she cried too! Seen here with Major Sponsor Anne Nguyen-Huyen of Image Cloud.R&H Awards 2014 (318)There were glamour girls….thankfully!IMG_0603 R&H Awards 2014 (64) R&H Awards 2014 (49)There were people in Loooooooove!IMG_0558 IMG_0589 IMG_0586 IMG_0573 IMG_0571 IMG_0608 IMG_0609 IMG_0610 R&H Awards 2014 (61) R&H Awards 2014 (56) R&H Awards 2014 (40)There were people who couldn’t get dates!IMG_0567 IMG_0585And there was Cam…..who bought his mum in true Brownlow tradition! Together with Glenn’s mum they set the standard just quietly!IMG_0579There was eating and drinking!R&H Awards 2014 (1) R&H Awards 2014 (4) R&H Awards 2014 (23)R&H Awards 2014 (92) R&H Awards 2014 (79)R&H Awards 2014 (99) R&H Awards 2014 (104) R&H Awards 2014 (111) R&H Awards 2014 (121)And in some cultures this passes for dancing!R&H Awards 2014 (374) R&H Awards 2014 (362) R&H Awards 2014 (354) R&H Awards 2014 (342) R&H Awards 2014 (332)Well not many cultures…..however Raine & Horne Darwin does have a unique Culture.