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The challengers had gathered! Every Real Estate Agent who fancied their chances against last years champions, Raine & Horne Darwin, was out stretching and limbering up in anticipation of grabbing this years prize. Meanwhile the defenders warmed up in traditional fashion with a beer and a sausage roll or two.

Clearly their team had been hand picked on talent…..however it is unclear whether that was golfing talent!photo 1 photo 3 photo 8In a tactical move to upset the champions the organisers sent The Horney Hitters on a trek to the farthest outpost where they were designated to start their defence of the Cup! It was a leisurely walk with great Company and some mild good gestured banter between old mates. There was some suggestion that perhaps the team Captain could have shelled out for a buggy and not been such a cheap bastard. Following some general conversation about the fact that he thought the remainder of his team should be listed on his tax return as dependants this topic was quickly resolved and the game got under way.

Once more the Team mascot was there to offer guidance down the first fairway and the game was under way.photo 5Following the first shot from the team pro which landed somewhere on the Airport runway and out of bounds it was clear that he was going to be very little assistance.photo 6Perhaps it was something to do with that horrendous table cloth he was wearing? Somehow he felt that it was disappointing that the matching shorts he had purchased had been too small?photo 4Here he is discussing this problem with Clancy……his second chin!photo 9Our Secret Weapon was rolled out…….Greg Norman coached he said. The big gun came out to deliver a mammoth stroke in ‘Happy Gilmour’ fashion. It was a magnificent golf shot…..which finished precisely in the middle of someones patio table over the back of the lake and out of bounds…..spectacular however completely useless! Turns out that Greg Norman was not actually Greg Norman the golfer however Greg Norman his speech coach in grade 2 who assisted him in overcoming a stutter and drooling all over his school shirt!photo 2Things were looking bleak for the champions……enter Swinger McClelland! Not actually sure this nickname has anything to do with golf and may actually be a ‘lifestyle choice’ however we can address that another day. It was about now that the fortunes of our heroes changed for the better.photo 11A nervous period awaited our intrepid explorers as they imbibed some much required refreshments.photo 10 photo 8And over time everyone seemd to relax a touch for some reason?photo 7Then the announcement came…..and the audience erupted…..once more the plucky team of Raine & Horne Darwin had delivered an outright Gross victory which rewarded them with alcohol! An extremely fitting prize for a team clearly recognised as teetotallers.photo 14 photo 13 photo 12No! He is not going home to dinner with his boyfriend. Not that there is anything wrong with that. The shirt is just a fashion choice!