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Well I have to tell you that the first time that this was mooted by my business partner I did peer at her with a quizzical look in my eye! ‘You know I ain’t got any kids right?’IMG_0459Undeterred she continued with the planning. Meanwhile I’m down at cricket training with my mates and somewhere in the back of my mind I recalled that Billy might have an offspring or two….

‘Hey Bill, you’ve got a kid yeah?’…..

‘Sure have mate!’

‘Cool….can I borrow your kid for a Family Day we are having next Sunday?’

‘Sure mate’

‘Great…….What is it?’

‘No! You can’t borrow my child!’

Clearly negotiations were not going well…..and arrangements were continuing with D-Day approaching fast!IMG_0436About a week out I discovered I was on ‘Team Red’…..seriously this thing was happening! And I was running out of time! I grabbed a bag of lollies and headed to the nearest Primary School Oval. Apparently that sort of thing is frowned upon and I only made it out of lockup just in time to get to the Family Day! Sheesh!IMG_0442Turns out I was not the only non reproducer there…..and there was alcohol! Clearly you need that when you are a parent?IMG_0434Now…..nothing I have seen on the day leads me to believe that my decision to not have children was misguided…..however I have to say that they were not all bad! Someone pointed out that there was a fair chance that I was one once! My argument after the Tunnel ball was there is actually a fair chance that I still am?IMG_0425 IMG_0431There were winners!IMG_0447 IMG_0449 IMG_0451 IMG_0453 IMG_0455 IMG_0457There was a loser!IMG_0468And there were ample opportunities for bruises!IMG_0467 IMG_0465 IMG_0464All in all…..GOOD FUN!