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There is simply nothing like a day at the Country Races in Outback Australia. Surrounded by shennanigans of inebriated punters and ladies dressed to the nines with their high heels in the red dirt….it’s a recipe for disaster. My day had a few twists and turns!Stranded

I decided that I would take the motorbike for a jaunt down the Stuart Hwy to the Adelaide River Races. An event of great reputation which I had previously not attended before. It was all rather uneventful until I got to the Bachelor turnoff and decided that I would get off for a stretch as I had not done a great deal of riding of late.

A quick walk about then back on the bike…..which proceeded not to start as the battery had decided now was a prime time to go flat. As you can see from the shot above I was in the middle of nowhere and there was no-one on the road as everyone who was anyone had already made their way to the track since I had left a bit late. So here I am pushing a lump of steel backwards up a hill to see if I can gather enough momentum to get a jump start going……which subsequently failed…..in the midday sun, dressed in black leather! Very comfy.Motorbike Cops

Enter my hero! The NT Police traffic cop on his traffic bike. Now normally I would not be happy to see a cop as a couple of items I ride with are less than legal…..however this bloke was awesome. After asking if I was OK he hopped off and push started me so I could get on my way. Love the cops….sometimes right?

Arriving at the track I was confronted with an array of interesting costumes. Not that it was a fancy dress however country folk aint got a huge amount of style. Originally I thought I may not drink however a few hundred $$$$ payout on the third meant that I had enough for a beer or two and the alcohol helped to make the fashions make some kind of sense.Fashions on the field

Well the party continued and occassionally a horse race broke out…..followed by someone declaring they had won a heap and being quickly surrounded by whatever scantilly clad young female required a drink of champas! Funny how the world works….survival of the fittest and all that?

I may have celebrated my win on the last race a little too early as the result was overturned in a photo…but not to despair….when you are on a roll don’t stop there. So when my business partner left the track and confiscated my Company ‘stubbie cooler’ as it had the logo on there and I was a poor representation I perhaps should have taken this as a sign? I didn’t!

It was a long walk back to the caravan park after the band finished. When I was asked if they were any good later in the day I had no idea whether the singer was male or female so I am thinking that was a fail…..on my behalf.

Once we made it to the camp site and I had decided my boots clearly were not made for walking I needed a swim to cool down. I was promptly attacked in the pool by a cane toad which I despatched with a baseball pitch over the fence and retired into my swag. At 6am I was awoken by a mate who was ringing my phone which was in the pocket of my pillow (my jeans) and there 6 inches from my nose was the same cane toad staring me down and seeking revenge!Cane Toad

It was a long ride home Sunday morning but you have to love the country races and I reckon I’ll have a look next year as well?