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Put simply…….What an Amazing Event!

This was my 2nd trip to the 7’s in Hong Kong with my first being some 10 years previous. It was a sellout this year and I can see why the tickets are so hard to come by.

The competition has come a long way in a very short period of time with the emergence of an extremely professional feel surrounding the teams which now compete. That is not to diminish those who took the field 10 years ago but rather an observation around the specialist nature of the sport these days.Image

It appears that the individual players are now singularly focussed upon the 7’s competition as their sole interest in Rugby circles. It is their chosen code and they concentrate upon this as their first choice rather than an option in the event that they do not qualify to represent their country in Rugby Union…..or alternately have left the game of Rugby Union behind.

We were fortunate this year to secure a 24 person Corporate Box and took full advantage of the privaleges which this provides…..such as not having to get up at 8am with a hangover and arrive at the ground to secure a seat!ImageImage

So I have to confess that this may have increased my enjoyment of the games somewhat however there were a few not so fortunate souls who still managed a good time also.ImageImageImage

Anyways it was a hoot and you cannot mention a trip to Hong Kong without exploring the food options!ImageImageImage

Especially the good ones!