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It appears that ‘my idea’ of creating a Tax Haven in the NT to stimulate an increase in population is gaining momentum.

Today’s article in the NT News http://www.ntnews.com.au/article/2013/04/01/319090_ntnews.html

Admittedly it is evolving into a somewhat changed beast from that which I first mooted last year on this blog however…..Hey! I’ll take all the credit if it gets legs!Andrew Forrest GinaNow that we have Gina and Twiggy driving it as well as some overseas tycoon who owns half of Darwin I reckon I’ll just sit back and see what they can do. It is a stimulus we will need in the event that the projected plans for Darwin’s expansion go ahead so why not come up to the ‘promised land’ and join us in enjoying the Darwin lifestyle…..meanwhile you will make a few bucks….can’t be all that bad!