As the sun set over Ullawatu the Team of Raine & Horne Darwin headed to the Hyatt in Sanur for their inaugural AWESOME Conference.

Greeted at the foyer with a frangipani lai we then moved on to a welcome cocktail party before retiring to the rooms in preparation for the classroom day ahead.

Day broke and I quickly took a shot of the grounds before I forgot with all the excitement.

Here are a few of the comments over lunch following our first presentation from the Great Ray Kuceli.

Andrew Lane followed lunch with a session that bought the Team from their seats before we ventured onto the beach for some very energetic ‘games’! (Photo’s will follow in the next blog)

The first night ended with a fabulous dinner on the beach whilst being entertained by the band.

After a night like that you need a good recovery breakfast on the balcony!

Day 2 had the Team loaded up and on the way to Lembongan Island for a day of snorkelling, tube rides, Island Tours and ‘Surfing’. Some great photo’s will follow later on however I have included this one as sometimes you just have to ask why???I have included this snippet as these guys were good…..and Ilyse was happy drinking!

All in all it was an AWESOME time and just quietly I reckon there will be more shots to come after some of the attendees see this post.