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This Saturday saw the Raine & Horne Darwin Paintball Challenge out at Fred’s Pass between the Raine & Hornets v The Tap Dr Crew.Richard (proprietor) of NT Tap & Drain was the succesful bidder at the 2011 Movember Auction of the ‘United Paintball’ prize which meant that his team would have the opportunity to blast away at the team from Raine & Horne Darwin.Percy from ‘United Paintball’ was the perfect host for the day and set out the combat rules for the games to begin. It was a nervous couple of teams that received the pre battle briefing since alleged ‘Severed Head Murderer’ Jonathon Stenberg was reportedly hunkered down close by.There were a few jokes flicked around like ‘apparently you can hear the difference between a paintball and a magnum so duck if it sounds funny!’ However such is the nature of those with blood lust that this was soon at the back of everyone’s mind as the pellets began to fly……They caught him the next day and he only had 3 or 4 guns with him so all good!It was clear from the outset that Raine & Horne were going to be the big winners (We were paying so we didn’t buy them any bullets!) so when the Tap Dr Team needed an extra player Billie ‘Sniper’ Mackie was volunteered to cross the line……So happy with her move she quickly responded by shooting me in the Head during the first game!Allegedly the Tap Dr Team were unhappy with my tactics of shooting them in the back in game 2 however war is hell! Trish ‘Tactics’ McClelland yelled ‘Suck it up Princesses’ as she wiped pink paint from her goggles and wondered why the hell did I wear a fluoro shirt today of all days?

Cam ‘Mad Dog’ McDonnell covered himself in glory whilst executing a SAS roll only to overshoot the mark and having to crawl back behind the barricade grazing his knee in the process.6 Foot 9 inch Baden ‘Secret Weapon’ Cody perfected the art of camofluague and  disguised himself as a tree for most of the day….unfortunately forgetting that the concept was to actually shoot the opposition.

Eva ‘The Greek’ Nistazos and Byron ‘Old Man’ Wauchope conducted a stunning black op stealth run down the right flank only to discover that running into a nest of machine guns was a very fast way to finish the op.Lenny ‘Fodder’ Holt is still somewhere out in the bush….last seen covering himself in mud and laughing madly whilst ripping his shirt and tying it around his head….let’s face it…..no great loss!

And…….Natasha ‘Bubbles’ Bland called at 11.30am after her alarm didn’t go off for the 8am start??? Big Night Bubbles??