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Darwin was plunged into the grips of ‘Cyclone Terror’ this week as a low pressure system built up 150km East out of the City out to sea!

Well! Let’s just say that the clowns at the Weather Bureau hit ‘Cyclone Terror‘ status and punched the panic button however they are the same guys that crash to the deck when they walk past a pedestal fan!

I have only lived in the Territory for just over 3 years. In that time the progress of the Weather Bureau to over reacting to Cyclone threats and upgrading their alerts prematurely has hit ridiculous levels. I’m not sure if they promoted the cleaner and he is just having a bit of fun with the Darwinites but I say it has to stop as it’s simply bad for business.

On Tuesday night whilst the system was still a tropical low (which it never got upgraded from incidentally) and located 150km from Darwin heading in the opposite direction the Bureau upgraded their alert status to ‘Cyclone Warning’. Automatically the Chief Minister came on the media and cancelled school and child care the next day….however public service and the private sector still had to attend work?

This in itself is ludicrous if you think about it…..This is a working town! So the kids are meant to go home and look after themselves during a Cyclone Warning with no parental supervision even if they are 3 years of age??

Needless to say about 10 000 people in the Territory had to take a day off to look after the kids so that m,eans there were approximately 80 000 productive work hours lost….whilst the Cyclone continued Eastward and we had some heavy rains?

There is something wrong with this picture!

I spoke to a 50 year old Territorian and he said ‘They used to call these things Monsoons…..but now this isn’t a recognised weather pattern….so now we have to all go home and wait for the rain to pass???’ Aren’t we meant to be getting better at predicting the weather with technology!