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Finally after 3 years in the Territory I decided to embark on a ‘typical’ weekend of exploration of the Australian bush.I say ‘typical’ tongue in cheek as leading up to the journey I proudly announced that we would be hitting the road South past Katherine to explore some of the gorges in the Gregory National Park and every local looked at me as if I had lost my mind.

Undeterred we set off to the thriving metropolis of Katherine on Friday afternoon and watched on as the locals went about their antics and let their hair down following a week of nose to the grindstone…..or butt to the saddle as most appeared to have achieved.

Saturday morning saw us on the road after a quick brekky at Maccas, where we dodged the prone bodies (apparently there was a bad batch of kebabs going round early Saturday morning after the club shut?) on the way through the Yellow Arches, and headed to Victoria River arriving just before lunch.

We were greeted by a friendly old blue heeler who was the only customer at the time, collected the maps from the counter and travelled the 1km to the foot of The escarpment walk. My intrepid companion almost passed out in the heat as we sauntered the 3km to the top and took in the view.

Later in the day as we reached the Joe’s Creek walk we finally bumped into another ‘explorer’ however he was only checking his tyre pressure and soon legged it before we set off on the next gorge climb.

A quick 80Km hour trip saw us at the Timber Creek Pub where we partook in a beer and feast surrounded by hordes of locals and retired to our salubrious accomodations.

The next day was on the road dropping in along the way for breakfast at Victoria River where Bluey met us again and then an interesting side trip to the Grove Hill Hotel….A timeless secret only an hour or so from Darwin that will likely stay that way…..However I made another friend!All in all a lot of km’s however I have to say to the dubious Darwinites who turned up there noses and rolled their eyes…..An awesome trip and I saw it with no-one else around as you don’t go anywhere in the WET!PS If we had fallen off the escarpment which was highly likely given our lack of match fitness….We would still be lying there now!