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Forget that ridiculous battle within the ALP as there are no winners there…..just losers as far as the eye can see!What about Gilly!

Whilst watching the Allan Border medal last night and considering the poll held during the One Dayer the other night that had Ricky Ponting as the new PM rather than Rudd and Gillard I was drawn to the great Adam Gilchrist!Now there is a guy who could be the PM of Australia!

Personable, articulate, funny, confident yet humble despite his achievements. And he wouldn’t make a clown of himself like John Howard when he needed to bat in the Prime Ministers XI. What more could Australia want?Was it just me or did everyone else notice how lopsided his ears were on tele? Gotta love a wingnut!Meanwhile here is another picture from the Allan Border Medal that I thought was noteworthy. It ain’t Gilly however she has my vote for leader of the opposition regardless of her political viewpoint!