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One of my dad’s favourite sayings was ‘It’s an insult to a man’s intelligence!’

Usually this piece of insightful prophecy was attached to the end of a diatribe that focussed upon something that I was doing which he deemed ridiculous.

Well not to let my old man down I appear to have advanced no further above my levels of stupidity I exhibited at age 6 through to 20, now that I am 41!The information that has bought about this revelation revolves around what the hell is possessing me to run around playing AFL Football in the Darwin wet season? And to make matters worse I am doing it in the driest wet season January ever on record. There is no rain to supply respite to the 35 degrees temperatures and instead the humidity builds til you can cut the air with a knife at upwards of 80%. Needless to say we play at the coolest time of the day….this weekend it was 1pm….really smart. (No the picture is not me but that’s how I felt!)

Now to top all this off after being the leading goal scorer in the team over the last 3 weeks I get great appreciation from my fellow team mates for giving them sufficient numbers so we do not have to forfeit. A 21-year-old tattooed idiot who weighs no more than 65Kg sits next to me at the pub after the game when I can hardly walk and says ‘You can’t even catch me at training Grunter…..and you call yourself a footballer!’. This coming from a guy who can’t walk and chew gum at the same time…..let alone run and bounce a football. My reply was ‘Why would I want to catch you Robbie? You are on my Team and you never have the ball…It’s not kiss chasey we are playing!’

You are right Dad……It’s an insult to a man’s intelligence!