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I am commonly known as the Christmas Grinch around our office and to be honest I do not have any idea where I developed this attitude however it is one that I have carried for many years. It could have something to do with the insanity of my ex in-laws who were the Italian version of the ‘Never-ending Story’ combined with ‘The Last Supper’ when it came to all things Xmas……however I digress.

What I want to tell you about today is an AWESOME Community service that we have just completed over the last 2 weeks and that is something that we call ‘Taking Santa to the Streets’.

Every week day at about 4pm we loaded up the ute with tinsel, whacked on the Xmas Carols and dressed one of my team up in the Santa suit whereby he hung off the back whilst we trundled down some of the local suburban streets. The whole Sales Team surrounded the procession with Mick Smith (hearing aid turned down) ringing the bell and out came the kids!!!!! Whereby we gave them lollies, they had a pic with Santa and later next week they will get their photo on a calendar for their fridge.

Now I reckon it was pretty amazing…..for Santa in the suit it was amazingly hot as we prepare for a cyclone in 34 degree heats and 90% humidity however check out the email we got below…..someone else thought it was pretty cool too….and that is enough to make us return to the streets next year.

Could you please pass on my thanks to whoever was involved in organising Santa in Palmerston suburbs today.  He came up our court, bells ringing and ho ho ho-ing, surrounded by his merry little elves (agents).  Lollies and photos, and generally spreading Christmas Cheer.

A marketing ploy or not, you have made four little children in Birripa Crt very happy. 

Thank you, and a Merry Christmas to you all! Especially Santa….

Hopefully next week I will have some video for you to have a look at on the Santa Run…..my elves are on holiday from the cutting table.

Merry Xmas from the Grinch???? and his team!