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The NT News today published on page 3 an article entitled ‘Sex to relieve festive stress’The article proclaims that 75 per cent of Northern Territorians said sex had great ‘stress management’ benefits and that Christmas could be a very stressful time of the year.

Well that is AWESOME news. I then started to think about what creates me the most stress and how we could apply this cure.

I reckon since 99 per cent of people’s stress is created at work this could be the first focus of our attentions. If you work in a mixed gender industry this could come as great news! Previously I had been of the thinking that workplace interactions of this type were not the best idea however if the NT News is publishing it well it must be right?

Maybe we should take a moment to spare a thought for those who work largely in a same-sex industry like Mining or the Armed Forces. We don’t want these guys all stressed up so perhaps we need to loosen up the policies on same-sex unions in the workplace as well. Julia will get right onto that I imagine.

Thinking of alternate applications….Exam times can be very stressful for our kids in Year 11 and 12….Just before you get married the groom tends to get very stressed and he isn’t allowed to see the bride the night before….and finally I have heard that Selling your Home is a very stressful time….Real Estate Agents rejoice!

Thanks NT News….I have a new perspective on stress management….Changing the name to Raine & Horney Darwin as we speak.