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They go with these abs!Unfortunately neither of them belong to me…..however after I opened the NT News yesterday and saw that I was No 104 in ‘Territory’s Most Powerful People’ I thought that I best take a trip to the gym!

Last year I glanced through the list and commented numerous times about how ‘ridiculous it was and what relevance did it have to anything’ that the NT News thought that they could decide who was the most powerful people in the Territory. I maligned their choices and scoffed at their evaluation processes.

This year I am astounded at how much validity their list has and how improved their processes are in only 12 months.

Fickle is my middle name…..or alternately you can just call me 104

PS – I Didn’t have a current photo so I thought I would just run one of my dad since ‘Six Packs’ run in the family!