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The NT News ran an article in yesterday’s paper promoting the new dress codes which were requiring enforcement at a Darwin Secondary School.

These regulations were spelt out to the students and considered a necessity as both genders were gradually introducing attire that promoted a diminishing amount of material and more flesh on display.

Particularly in the spotlight were short skirts and shorts that exposed the buttocks of female members of the student body as well as skimpy sleeveless tops promoting cleavage and bare arms.

On Monday the NT News ran an article of significant substance promoting the activities at the ‘Hookers Ball’ in the Darwin CBD where slightly older women and men wore considerably less attire than that being precluded from acceptable attire at the school. Take the picture below as an example…..and the gentleman in the police uniform was an NT cop not a prop!Chances are that several of the young attendees at the ‘Hookers Ball’ also have young students attending the Darwin Secondary School in question!

Now I am not for a moment suggesting that the ruling to curb the suggestive attire at schools is a bad thing however I am suggesting that the messages sent in public by the effected students ‘role models’ may have something to do with the gradual decay of dress standards…….Anyone ever heard of a proper school uniform people and how about thinking about who is watching?