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My Team at Raine & Horne Darwin held the ‘Amazing Race’ Car Rally to raise funds for Movember yesterday. This is to be the first in a series of events that we conduct with our target to donate over $15 000.Commencing at our Head Office building in Stuart Park a crowd started to gather from 9am in anticipation of the day ahead. 48 cars were entered with some really getting into the spirit and dressing up with Mo’s and eyebrows on their cars as well as donning team shirts.On the dot of 10am the first cars were released between the starter’s flags with instructions in hand to reach Checkpoint 1. It was no more than 10 minutes before I had the first participant on the phone needing directions because they were already lost and they hadn’t even reached the Fannie Bay Race Track? It was then that I realised we were in for a long day.

One of the teams entered from the Property Management section at R & H Darwin Office knew that they were in trouble when they took over 2 hours to complete the first stage which was scheduled to take 50 minutes. “30 minutes going back and forth wondering what the sewage plant smells like probably put us a little behind the eight ball?” said Carly Davis.

Obviously another car entered from the PM section had too much alcohol on board as Courtney today commented “Violet is not that bad a driver!”……Now we all know that cannot be the case?One of my mates from Football who was in-car No 22 was seen wandering around the bush nowhere near the allotted course apparently looking for items off the ‘scavenger hunt’…….He continued this bush walk for 30+ minutes despite the fact that time was of the essence so it was no surprise when he appealed vigorously at the end of the day when he didn’t get last place!

Most participants were good-natured however there were looks of frustration passed my way when I stopped to assist a vehicle along the Stuart Hwy only to find out that the lady in the passenger seat was breast feeding…..Honest mistake!

Allegedly we have a complaint of animal cruelty against one of the vehicles in the event after there was an incident with a baby plover and one young lady developed a rare grass rash on parts of her derriere after participating in the downhill slide at checkpoint 3……Apart from these minor abrasions no lasting injuries were su

The course covered over 200km with 4 checkpoints and an anticipated completion time of just less than 4 hours. There were in-car and on foot activities however some never made it on foot. All cars reached the designated finish point at Lake Alexander however that may have been because this was written on every set of clues rather than because they navigated successfully.Combined Electrical were huge supporters of the day with 9 of their vans taking part in the rally. One of their teams ran second overall after they bribed the marshals  who were enjoying a quiet recuperative beer at the Deck Bar with a $200 donation in exchange for the answers to the entire last section. Marshal Lenny Holt was confident “There will be no investigation into this sort of bribery since the winners were Movember. There is no correlation between these activities and the Pakistan Match Fixing allegations?”.

More than $2 000 was collected for the day after entry fees, raffles, drink sales and fines were all tallied. The Movember trivia night is scheduled for Thursday the 24th November at the Pints Club. Contact Billie Mackie if you wish to participate or sponsor this event on billie@rhdarwin.com.au