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In my last blog (‘You Don’t See this Down South’) you may have read about the lost table which departed over my balcony in a recent storm. Well I have it on reliable advice from the local delicatessen owner that it was found soon afterwards.

As quickly as the table was whipped off the balcony it was flung Northwards on the wind where it crashed into the top of the crane erected upon the construction site of the ‘ZEST’ apartments being built on the opposite side of the street.

One of the workers commented that it hit the crane with such force that it simply exploded into hundreds of bits of metal and timber! apparently the same worker went on to comment that the construction site was littered with debris from the 15 minutes flash storm and they filled a commercial skip with waste. All the junk caused a fair bit of damage and took them half the day to clean up!

This got me to thinking about Karma! It is a funny thing the way that the cosmos works. In one of my first blogs (‘And Today’s Darwin Award Goes to’) I spoke about how the guy running the ZEST apartment development was a clown in search of a circus! Well nothing has changed over the last months as they continue to frustrate the residents surrounding them with noise and interruptions. So it is sort of fitting that we got the opportunity to throw some crap back at them for once.

It may not be Karma at an equal level however maybe it is just the start of a beautiful relationship……we are heading into the Cyclone season Mr Anthony….this could be the beginning of your time in the spotlight?

I hope that’s the way Karma works!