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Last night I got the opportunity to satisfy my teenage crush which I have been carrying for 20 years when Joanna Griggs appeared as part of October Business Month at the Darwin Entertainment Centre.

Now lets not get carried away….I merely shook her hand and had the chance to say Hello after the show however I could not help but be impressed by how natural and beautiful she still is. I say ‘still is’ with my tongue in cheek as she is only 37 however it seems she has been in the news for ever which is not surprising since she launched on the swim scene as a professional at the ripe old age of 14.

Joanna articulated a brief version of her life in the media with flawless delivery and related some moving stories about her teenage years on the swim scene culminating in becoming the first woman to break the 30 second mark over 50m. After which she promptly retired at the age of 19!

Under educated due to her years at the hands of professional sports coaching and travel she moved into the media with no training. Plenty of mistakes along the way plus two children, two marriages, one divorce and one public lynching at the hands of a TV station she is now the consummate presenter that we see as she hosts her weekly lifestyle show.

They may complain about you sounding like a Bogan, being a ‘Big Unit’, having feet to big and occasionally putting one of those hoofs in your mouth however I can tell you that myself and the team thought you were great. You are Australian and ‘our Bogan’!

Kudos to the NT Government for delivering this presentation. With the schedule released http://www.nt.gov.au/obm/default.aspx I know for one that I am going to enjoy the rest of October business month.